Know Thy Neighbour - The Art of Social Mobility - Tate Exchange
20–25 Nov 2018
As part of a weeklong programme of events focused on social mobility and healthcare in Merseyside hosted by communities, cross sector partners and their collaborating photographic artists from across the city region, in partnership with Open Eye Gallery. On Friday 23 November we hosed a Know Thy Neighbour drop in. Know thy Neighbour was an interim project follow on from As & When (2016-2017).

In addition to exhibiting the residents' work on the walls, work which was produced through photowalks and photography exercises, Robert Parkinson and I also exhibited some of our work in progress, fieldwork images and a film of our fieldwork, edited by Adam Mead. The score was composed by Peter Moore.

All the events were open to the public, who passed through the space, stopped to take in the work on the walls, had their photo taken in the studio and participated in events.

In the draft material tab you will see a selection of fieldwork images, time spent with the local residents on walks and material from Robert Parkinson’s project book.

© Gary Bratchford